Best Local Restaurants in Lisbon

Keep it Local Tours Team loves food, so here we share some of our favourite restaurants for traditional portuguese food!

Not too pricy and delicious:

– For Fado (traditional portuguese music) you can go to “Tasca do Chico“, with several singers a night and a cozy atmosphere or “Sr. Fado” also with great food and nice people. Both are in the famous old neighbourhood – Alfama

– For fish and seafood we recommend “João do Grão” or “Barcabela”, both good and meals for a fair price!

– For meat (and also fish) we suggest “O cabaças”, where you can get a traditional “Bife na pedra” (Steak in a hot stone), we hope you will be hungry for this one 🙂

– If you´re really looking for those rare spots where you may eat for less than 10 euros here it goes: “Santa Rita”, “A Transmontana” and “Tasca Zé dos Cornos”

Vegetarians! We didn´t forget you! In Lisbon there are good options for you …such as “Jardim das Cerejas” or “Jardim dos Sentidos” or even a new one, in “Graça” neighbourhood, “Graça 77”.

None of this will beat the one we go in our Sintra Tour but they are still amazing and places we know 😛