Let´s learn something else than Ronaldo about Portugal!

As in every country, also in Portugal we have our singular way of living, behaving, etc…

So for you to better understand our culture and people, here we share 10 things about the portuguese that you should know when you visit our country:

1. When you want to walk on a zebra crossing in ths city, just do it! If you wait for cars to stop, you better get a chair.

2. We don´t have a great economy, but our climate is priceless and so is our lifestyle. So the reason why we smile a lot isn´t because we are trying to sell you something, but because we are just simply happy and kind!

3. About the rumors of drinking outside… guess what… IT`S TRUE! It´s part of our nighlife to drink outside on the streets to socialize and then, later on, going to a bar or club for more fun.

4. We recommend you to eat a “Bitoque“. We eat it since we are kids! And yes, we know it´s so weird to have fries and rice in the same plate, but we just looove it! (and were born with it)

5. Common question: If you are going to ask us if we like spanish people, the answer is obvious… they are so cool! Just because they travel a lot to Portugal 😛

6.  Portuguese timings: don´t forget we are also latins. So whenever you book a meeting with a portuguese mate, just set the hour 30 min before what you had in mind, just to give him/her the opportunity to arrive on time but… we wish you the best of luck on that!

7. Traditional music – Fado: It´s promoted in the downtown / touristic areas, and it sounds beautiful! But the truth is that most people that listen to it are old, the new generations don´t appreciate Fado that much… but we highly recommend for you to experience it.

8. Portuguese women don´t have a MOUSTACHE! Ok…some old ones that live in the small villages in the countryside actually do have it.

9. Food: We love to cook, and portuguese people are usually food lovers and good chefs, man or women! Also because we don´t have a lot of money to spend on dinners out we got to learn how to make it.

10. Life is to live, and to criticise: Portuguese people are pretty relaxed and laid-back. We don´t take life too serious, living it with “carpe diem“… BUT we do criticise our government and other people for this or for that. So if we don´t have jobs, it´s your fault !!! 😀