13 things to do in Lisbon

This is our last post, since summer is coming we have to be ready for these questions and nothing like having the best tips for our guests written here, so you can consult them anytime you want 😀

Our best 13 things to do in the most awesome city in the world are:

1 – Eat a “Bifana” or “Prego, these are our kind of traditional meat sandwiches…but if you are vegetarian, no worries! You can try “Peixinhos da Horta” which are deep fried green beans, something that every portuguese mom or grandma got to cook for you when you are so young that you only eat vegetables “undercover” !

2 – Go to Graça Neighbourhood (where we live!) and check the viewpoints and the neighbourhood life going on…This is one of the only older neighbourhood where we have the old schools, the 28 Tram, the Flea Market (Tuesdays and Saturdays) and the best landscapes! (and nice old people!)

3 – When you go to Belém, go to Lx Factory, an old newspaper Factory, pretty underground, now with an amazing library. Enter in the library and ask for “Pietro”, the coolest (and craziest!) guy you will ever meet…he recycles all kind of materials and creates machines out of this world!

4 – This one you already know but you are a tourist anyways so…eat a famous “pastel de nata“, in Belém,  in “Manteigaria”, in Bairro Alto or in the very old “Confeitaria Nacional”, in Praça da Figueira.

5 – Go to a Fado show! Actually you don´t have to pay too much for that, you can go for a drink or have dinner in one of these nice places we recommend and you will see what is this thing we call Fado (=fate or destiny) … Go to “Tasca do Chico”, “Boteco da Fá” or “Sr.Fado” or even, just on Tuesdays, in “Chapitô”, an Arts School near the Castle!

6 – Dive into the nighlife in Bairro Alto, Cais do Sodré and Graça neighbourhood…”Bar 104″ has a pint for 1,20€, “Tasca dos Canários”, “Loucos e Sonhadores”, Erasmus Corner Area, “Pensão Amor”, “Espumantaria do Cais”, “O Bom o Mau e o Vilão”, “Tokio”, “Jamaica”, “Musicbox” and “Liverpool Bar” (every day open till 4am for the long talks!), the underground “Damas” & “Má Língua” are just some of our favourite spots to have a drink, some fun and a great talk! For more hipster / underground places you can visit “RDA 69”, “Casa Independente” or “Desterro”! The bar “Pavilhão Chinês” for sure will “wow” you and great for billiard lovers….

7 – Gulbenkian and Parque Eduardo VII Gardens: These are those stunning public gardens, being Gulbenkian our favourite, with a museum and several exhibitions… get out of touristy area and go check it!

8 – Hike Calçada da Glória – maybe the steepest hill in the world in a city (maybe no joke!), that´s why we have a tram that goes back and forward there, but it worth to check and test you legs and cardio shape! At the end you will be rewarded with a lovely view in “São Pedro de Alcântara” viewpoint…

9- Estoril & Cascais by train – Not for Formula 1 anymore but… Take a walk in the sun coast, by train you get here in less than 30 min and  5 euros! nice beaches, great fish, surprising (and rough) coastline and cliffs. Don´t miss “Boca do Inferno” & “Baía do Mexilhoeiro” and “Guia” (rock climbing area)!

10 – Go to a Local Market like “Mercado da Ribeira”, in Cais do Sodré! You may have to cover your ears when you are too close to the ladies that are selling 😛

11 – Visit the abandoned  and underground “Restaurante Panorâmico” de Monsanto, (still) one of the best kept secrets around Lisbon, with a unbelievable 360º view of Lisbon and the other side of the”25 de Abril” Bridge.

12- You can´t miss “Casa do Alentejo“, a unique place from out of this world… originally a palace from the 17th century, this place has a stunning arabic style in the entrance and then on the top floor 2 huge rooms that will make you feel like a Queen / King! Here you can also check the restaurant with very fair prices and eat very romantically 🙂

13 – This one you should already know… to do a Tour with Keep it Local Tours and you will carry these moments with us in your memory forever ! 😛