We have to SHARE our passion for the Azores with you!

For those that know us, the Azores is where the other half of our heart is! So…

They are 9 Beautiful islands that are part of this portuguese archipelago that was always a well kept secret and now becoming a bit more open to the world…

Most of our Guests usually go to São Miguel Island (the main one with the crazy hot springs!) so we decided to create this post to share some of the HOT SPOTS you shouldn´t miss out:

  • Visit the Lagoons: Sete Cidades, Furnas, Congro, Empanadas, Fogo & São Brás
  • Visit the famous Furnas Area to try to “VULCANIC cooking stew”, pretty unique and after you can enjoy a hike to digest it (cause you will need it!)
  • Mosteiros it´s a cute little village!
  • Ponta da Ferraria is other place where you have hot springs right near the ocean and nice landscapes
  • You shouldn´t miss Carvão CAVE, near Ponta Delgada and very affordable… you will be able to be inside an old lava tunnel 🙂
  • The small island “Ilhéu de Vila Franca” worth to visit, stunning CLIFFS, slighty warmer water (YEAH!) and very peaceful place outside the island itself
  • Parque Natural dos Caldeirões it´s a dream, just go there!
  • Take the best WATERFALL shot in “Salto do Cabrito” and cool down there
  • Some wonderful RESTAURANTS where we like to go are: Mané Cigano, Associação Agrícola, Alcides, A Tasca & Bar Caloura for great fish and with a lovely harbor nearby!
  • For hikes or just memorables views go to Pico da Vara and Boca do Inferno viewpoint.
  • And don´t forget, if you are ADVENTUROUS to do some outdoor activities like Canyoning, Mountain Bike, Hikes, Whale Whatching and so many others!

Hope you LOVE it as much as we do! Enjoy Azores ! ! ! 🙂