Lisbon by Night!

Hi Everyone!

We are back for the hottest post in our blog… What about Lisbon Nightlife?!

So here it goes, we´ll suggest different places for all kind of tastes so everyone is happy and finds their spot to party, drink, chill or meet people!

For FADO music we couldn´t recommend more “Mesa de Frades”, “Tasca do Chico” & “Boteco da Fá” or the epic “A Severa”, all nice places where you can listen the old PORTUGUESE MUSIC, pretty emotional and melancholic! You can have dinner there or just go for a drink, and usually is played  between 9 to 2am.

Some nice BARS where you can have a NICE DRINK and enjoy a unique atmosphere are: “Pavilhão Chinês”, “Pensão Amor”, “Espumantaria do Cais”, “Sol e Pesca”, “Delirium Café” or “Má Língua”, a very particular place with music and art events!

For LIVE MUSIC we like “Tokio bar”, Irish Pub “O´Gillins”, “Má Língua”, “Damas”, “Hard Rock Café”, “Os Templários” & “Popular Alvalade” (pretty local stuff outside downtown), “Casa Independente” and “Hot Clube Portugal”, the oldest jazz club in Europe 😀

For hardcore PARTY people here you have some BARS & CLUBS that can keep you busy all night long: “Copenhagen” for Hip-Hop, “Liverpool Bar”, with their particular atmosphere and cheap beer everyday, “Music Box”, “Titanic sur le Mer” (amazing sundays with brazilian Samba!), “Lounge Bar” & “Radio-Hotel”or the very respected “Lux Frágil”, with several rooms and one of the best sound system in Europe.

And of course we would never forget to recommend Gay Bars also, always fun and growing in Lisbon: “Posh”, the very famous “Trumps”, “Corvo”, “Maria Lisboa” & “FavelaLx”.

In fact, telling how we go out… we usually start in the STREET BARS AREA Bairro Alto till 2am and after we head to the legendary “Pink Street” in Cais do Sodré Area, find your route and go for it !!!

Hope you find that place that you wanted so much to experience our LISBON by Night! 🙂