Duarte Antão

Duarte is a joyful person that shows endless energy to everyone around, or he could not be the founder of Keep it Local Tours Project Team! His backgroung is Outdoor Tourism and Adventure Tourism, which was his bachelar, can you believe that?!

When you meet him make sure you take some candies and you´ll have him smiling at you the whole day and provide you some good spontaneous moments.. .with him suprises come, trust us 😀



This old boy should not need presentations but he´s always a good marketing move for us! 😛

Balu is one of our mascotts and it is Duarte´s mate for almost 10 years and lives in his country house in the forest of Sintra, keeping the area safe and always waiting for us to knock at the door so he can lick you to death, what is maybe the biggest risk that you will face when you come closer to this sweet & huge portuguese mountain dog that looks more like a bear!

Your heart will just melt if you meet this important member of our family


João Pinhão

João… so much we can say about him, we risk saying that he is maybe one of the most caring human beings you´ll ever meet in your life, but watch out because he is not single! Too bad!

João is simply gifted for people and for giving you everything you want and a little bit more…and more! His world famous moustache never left that face since 1897 and he stills thinks it´s trendy…bahh!

Summarizing with João is all about #rockanroll and #baaaam! 🙂


Ricardo Fernandes

More famously called “Ricky”, he is our zen man and the one that always stimulates us to be more more sustainable and friendly with our planet.

He was already part of several sustainability projects, loves adventures and even though is a calm guy you won´t imagine the climbing monster you will have guiding you… also studied Outdoor Tourism so he is the man to ask secret spots around Portugal and Outdoor Sports destinations.

By the way he is the only decent photographer on the team, so don´t be shy with him! 😉


Bernardo Vargas

Our baby boy “Benny” came all the way from Brasil to Portugal to try his luck and look for new challenges… Our youngest member, studied Geology back home and guess what, now he spends his days also surrounded by rocks, in Sintra!

Loves to party and now knows Lisbon better than a lot of locals, you´ll always feel he is taking you on a roadtrip just like old friends!

Make sure that you take beach stuff with him cause even on a rainy day seems to him the best time to jump to the water 🙂


Marta Simões

Marta has a smile that says it all, an unbeatable hapiness and always so welcome that looks she will show you the world… and she will! But take as much as you can from her because it´s just one day 😛

She is an artist and a big dreamer, always connected to several parallel projects and definitely one of the guys!

Get ready to see how to drive on the wildest roads with this girl, because she just joke