The Indoor Lisbon

Oceanario Lisboa
Even tough in Portugal we have 250 days of sun a year, we also have days with rain, otherwise our veggies and fruits would not be so delicious!
Thinking about that we decided to write you a couple of cool indoor activities to do with worse weather so nothing stops you from wondering in Lisbon.

1 – Tile Museum, Design Museum, Science Museum and MAAT Museum are our favorite and not far from the downtown area!

2 – Did you know we have one of the biggest Oceanariums in the world? We know the Portuguese we always have the best stuff etc but it’s true!

Lisbon Oceanarium has almost 8 million liters of water, what represents an insane size of “artifical ocean” that you just can’t miss… With your partner, your family or even by yourself you will never feel alone, in the middle of 500 different marine species there!

3 – Why not having some monkey fun and go check a Indoor Climbing Gym near the downton? It has routes for all levels and the limit will be the sky! Check Vertigo Climbing day passes!

4 – Experience a local Gym and work on that shape that you don’t want to miss during your vacations, we have a few one near the downtown called Fitness Hut, Holmes Place or Pump Spirit.

5 – If you want to go a little crazier why not jump to Bounce Portugal and be like Michael Jordan for a day? This Indoor Trampolim spot has tons of space with large capacity and can be great to test your legs and to feel some of that adrenaline we had everyday when we were kids!

6 – If you’re travelling with a good amount of friends go play some laser tag or race in a mini Go-kart track in “Fábrica 22” in the old neighborhood of Alvalade and let’s see who kicks ass!

7 – If you don’t feel like taking the train to the beach take an Uber and go surf in the “Wave Factory”, the 1st indoor surf experience anyone can have in Portugal Lisbon, and not far from downtown.

8 – If you’re a smart-ass challenge your friends and do one of the amazing Escape Rooms we have on the downtown , check “Escape Hunt Lisbon”, “Escape Rooms Game Over” or “Lisbon Escape Game”.

9 – If these holidays have not been as relaxing as you expected go Smash some stuff and free the best inside of you in the “Smash It Room”!

10 – If you prefer a less violent way of relaxing go take a massage and get all your shakras aligned and energies replaced for the rest of the trip! Check “Espaço Essências – Day Spa” or the beautiful “Wayang Centre Lisboa”.

11 – We were doubting if we would give you this last tip but anyways can be a good one because you can actually do  a couple of distinct things over there – Colombo Shopping Mall!

Plenty of stores, some with very good prices on clothes etc but also a nice Cinema and guess what… a Bowling Room! Yeah!

So as you can see from these few ideas we gave you have no excuses to get bored in Lisbon. Go have fun and contact us if you need any other help 🙂