Tips for Porto!

Even though we are from Lisbon we are not going to hide Porto from you… At all!

We love Porto and as Lisbon, Porto has its own charm and singularities. So here we have our local tips:

  • Visit one Port Wine Cellar and do a Wine Tour
  • To wake up go have a cofee in “Majestic Café”
  • Go taste a “Sandes de Pernil” in “Casa Guedes”
  • If you´re a sweet person (sure you are!), don´t miss the chocolate factory “Arcádia”!
  • Eat the greatest “Francesinha” in “Café Santiago” or “Café Santiago F” (family business, both)
  • Go enjoy the very old Train Station of “São Bento and its beautiful tiles and paintings;
  • If you are a big fan of Harry Potter go to “Lello Bookshop” and find out why are we giving you this tip!
  • The Cristal Palace is beautiful and its gardens, who knows you´re going to meet the love of your life there…
  • For stunning views go to the Cathedral, Clérigos Tower and “Serra do Pilar”, in Vila Nova de Gaia
  • Don´t foget to take a nice walk near the riverside, get a beer and enjoy the view to D.Luís brigde, that is also beautiful!
  • Cause we like to party too we highly recommend you to go to “Galerias” area, the best bars are in Porto

The rest find by yourself and get lost! 😀